Along with the Corn Law reforms other relief measures were enacted. Peel's public works program helped to employ some of the millions of Irish unemployed and of need of money for food, shelter, and other monatary needs. After Robert Peel was forced to resign as Prime Minister because of his stance on the Corn Law repeal debate, Lord John Russell beame the new Prime Minister. Russell used a laissez-faire policy toward Ireland. He used workhouses, soup kitchens, and he also continued with Peel's public work plan. The workhouses were terrible for the Irish, they turned able-bodied men into old tired men fast.


notices and ads in Ireland-about the Irish Potato Famine

ads about aid or the lack of aid in Ireland

The soup Kitchens was soup that was made in large cauldrons or pots and served to the poor starving Irish. Depending upon the day sometimes this bowl of soup was no more than broth, but it was far better than having nothing to eat. The soup kitchens were originally made possible by the churches in Ireland. In particular the Quakers really used these soup kitchens to aid the poor Irish. The soup kitchens were not a total remedy for the situation in Ireland, but they were a big help to the Irish. 

&#039;The Cork Society of Friends&#039; Soup House.&#039;<br /><br />

a depiction of a soup kitchen/ soup house